Laura Doughty, MS, LMHC, counseling and psychotherapy Laura Doughty, MS, LMHC, from a strengthening and restorative perspective
Laura Doughty, MS, LMHC, counseling and psychotherapyLaura Doughty, MS, LMHC, from a strengthening and restorative perspective

Laura Doughty, MS, LMHC

Counseling and psychotherapy from a strengthening and restorative perspective

People are often uncertain about what to expect in a counseling office, or from a counseling session. My office is located in downtown Ellensburg, in a building housing several business suites with entry from a common hallway. Sessions are scheduled to be as convenient as possible, and people who are uncertain about coming in are free to call to arrange a brief screening and orientation. Confidentiality is important, and we strive to make this office setting as private as possible. Counselors and therapists are bound by law and professional ethics to keep information shared in a counseling session confidential, with a few exceptions, most commonly related to safety, which will be discussed during your initial session.

When you come in, you can expect to find us working together to identify areas of life that have influenced and are being affected by your concerns. Your first visit typically involves more business and orientation than ongoing sessions, with paperwork, questions, and getting to know how the process works. Billing information is collected during the initial visit. You will be asked to provide background information that is used as part of a comprehensive assessment. This allows us to identify and define your goals, and our plan for helping you to achieve healing or resolution of the topic you are bringing to counseling.

On-going sessions will focus on exploring and meeting the goals we work together to identify. Because this is a process, new goals may emerge, and the topics we address may change. Your process will unfold based on your individual needs. Sometimes, when working to improve ourselves and our situations, things can feel worse before they feel better. Staying committed to counseling when you are not immediately feeling better is difficult for many people. Working together, we can help you move through any discomfort you may experience, so that you may gain the strength and restoration you seek.

Located in Historic Downtown Ellensburg

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